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Too busy to go to your favourite cafe? or just want to chill out with your craving yummo Hot Coco at your work/home? Try our Crunchy Hot/Cold Coco! The taste, if not, is almost like at the cafe!
You could even start saving; see how much you could save for a cup in a day!

Having Belgian and Italian Hot Chocolate at your comfy home or your busy workplace or even gathering with friends or camping out with family, the way to go!

Our CocoCino/BabyCino is not only contained with milk and Chocolate/Cocoa Powder, but we are also adding with the real Pure Chocolates, Australian Pure Milk, and our Signature European Crunchy crispy chocolate balls!

You could bring it anywhere and have it anytime! You only need a warm/boiled water in the mug!

What's in it?

Crunchy CocoCino or Crunchy BabyCino

1 Pack contains 3 Bags of Crunchy Chocs


Ingredients: Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate, Crunchy Balls, Salt, Wheat, Flour.

Allergians: Milk and Soybeans Products. It may contain the trace of nuts.

Net Weight each Choc Bag approx 22g

How to Crunchino?

  1. Pour all powder contents (not the crunchy balls) into the mug with 100mL hot water/milk, stir well
  2. Wait for 1-2 minutes for cooling down a bit, and lastly, pour all the Signature Crunchy Balls. Now, you are ready to cuppa!
**Mix with your coffee to have it as a Mocha cuppa!

About Fruitail

Fruitail is the Australian Family Owned Company based in Sydney, Australia.

We are the foods and drinks lovers, we appreciate nice foods and wonderful drinks from all sorts of cultures around the world.

Our dream is to bring to your home or your workplace the same enjoyments and experience!

For our this very Crunchy Chocolate Drinks, we aim the same thing; whether you are at home or at workplace (anywhere you are), able to enjoy the nice coco drink, that is better taste than instant powder sachets coco drinks, because we are aiming the content and the taste are to be almost as tasty as at the cafe shop, without costing you too much. And of course, it is convenience!

How we are different? Well, we are giving you the real pure milk powder (it is not creamer), cocoa powder and to make the coco drinks real chocs, we are also having the pure chocolates blocks in our pouch bag!

Lastly and the Most Importantly, we are adding our Signature Crunchy Balls that were covered with yummo European Chocolates, that will make our Coco Drinks a final finest touch!

So there you are, have your own very well deserved CUPPA!

Try our delicious Babycino and Cococino?
from $4.20 BUY NOW

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